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Stark trekkers walk on the South Downs

So today was the Stark trekkers walk on the South Downs. I arrived about 20 minutes late and as I got out of the car I could see at the base of the Long Man was a group of naked people - this had to be the Stark Trekkers walk. I quickly grabbed my bag and crossed the road and set off behind the hedgerow towards the path across the field in their direction. I reached the start of the path and my clothes had to come off. The temperature was about 18 degrees and overcast with a light southerly breeze so it was not the warmest of days but as I picked up the pace and headed up the path towards them I soon worked up a sweat.

I managed to catch up with them as they headed away from the Long Man to start making the slow climb up onto the top of the South Downs. I said hi to all as I caught them up just along from there and we walked up the steep path towards the South Downs Way - a route that goes from Winchester to Eastbourne.

I got the camera equipment out and began to film an intro but then decided as I have videoed the walk before I would not this time and just enjoy it. We walked for a while along the top of the hills taking in the stunning views of Sussex before we reached the lunch stop. The route on the way back was a little muddy in places due to the weird weather we are having this summer but we all managed to get past it with not too much difficulty. The group seemed to enjoy the walk and nearly everyone stayed naked until the end. For the last part, I was at the front as I know the route well. Whilst the others stopped at the base of the Long Man I took a couple of pictures

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