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Bye Bye Vera Playa

I had the sad news this week that British Airways cancelled my flights to Spain at the end of next month. It was not really a surprise with the amount of COVID cases and deaths we have had from it over here in the UK but still, it was a little depressing.

I managed to cancel the airport parking, transport from and to the airport in Spain and the hotel stay the night before the holiday as the flight was an early morning trip. All those gave a full refund instantly with only shuttle direct who was doing the transfer in Spain charging me 20 euros, all the others had no charge.

British Airways have given me a voucher to the full value of the flights to use by April 2022

Now the apartment I was renting via booking .com showed I could cancel but would be charged the full amount to do it! Luckily I managed to get in contact with the person and after a little discussing the authorised a full refund. I am going to defiantly rebook the same apartment in La Menara, Vera Playa as soon as British Airways give their flight schedules for this time next year out.

So, all in all, I managed to get nearly all the money back for the trip other than the 20 euros and have the flight money as vouchers but still, it don't make up for not going to Vera Playa this year ad leaves that feeling of unhappiness inside.

Next year I will be there no matter what!

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