Patreon & Flickr

I am trying to bring you access to my naturist lifestyle but as with all things nowadays there is a great cost in doing this.

This website already costs a lot and I also have a pro account on Flickr so I can have more than 1000 pictures on there. Some are naturist, some are me posing nude, some are just of my genitals, some are of random things, some are of Brighton WNBR. I try to have a variety of different things on there, not just naturist photos

I also have to invest in items to help record and render videos like wireless microphones kit, pc software, and hardware, etc.

This is why I have set up a Patreon account. I am hoping to get people that will be kind enough to support me so I can continue to have the website and Flickr as well as make new videos.

There are various levels on there that you can become a patron of and each level gives you different things. The base level is basically a way you can support me and get early access to videos and some Patreon only posts.

I will still be posting my pictures to Flickr and anybody can see them without being a patron.

Please feel free to support me if you want to, don't feel you have to as I know not everybody has spare change to use on supporting others.

Thank you