Nude DIY, Cleaning, Gardening

Are you a naturist or textile that is interested in naturism and would like a male naturist to come to your home, get nude, and then do some work for you?


If yes then you are in luck as I am pleased to announce I can now be hired to do the following in the nude

Diy - I can do small repairs, build flat-pack furniture, paint, etc

Cleaning - I am happy to clean. I can do your complete home or just a room if needed

Gardening - I am happy to cut your lawn, do weeding, trim hedges, etc. (summer months only)

I also can do car repairs nude as I am a fully qualified mechanic with 31 yrs experience. I come ot you but you need to have somewhere secluded for me to work on the vehicle

I am currently available from around 5 pm until 10 pm Mon to Thurs

Please get in contact with me for rates, availability, etc.

I am available in the Southeast of England