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I have set up a GoFundMe page so people can donate towards the cost of the website, the equipment I use, the editing software, etc.

I don't have any other way to get help to fund this, as I was on Patreon but did not agree with their rules on certain things.

The GoFundMe page will allow anyone to donate towards the expenses I have to cover to keep the website online and make new videos for you to watch.

I thought of getting a drone to take my videos to the next level. This would enable me to do flyovers when I am nude on walks, get better scenery views, get some epic follow-me footage, and more.

These are not cheap, and without any help to fund the website, I cannot afford one, so I am hoping people will give what they have spare to help me.

Here is a short video clip I made with a drone I borrowed to show you 

           Click the GoFundMe symbol below to go to my fund

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