Help me buy a new 360 camera to make videos like this photo is from more immersive

I started up a GoFundMe page to buy a new camera. I currently use my mobile phone and at times this is awkward and only gives on perspective so I am planning to buy a 360 camera.

These are not cheap so I set up the page so people that want to can help fund this project. I need around £400 - 450 to get one. So far i have had some very generous donations and am already around half way there.

I plan to use the camera on my walks etc so that i can give you more of a feel of how it is to be able to walk nude in the country side. I also plan to use it for other things like when i interview other naturists as using that i can show both people in turn.

If you want to donate to help my fund this them please click on the link at the top pf the page that says To GoFundMe