My Patreon is back

I had a Patreon account so that people could help support me with the costs of the website, Flickr Pro, editing software, etc but I found it is getting more and more expensive so as I now seem to be ok on Vimeo and need to pay for a package to upload more I need to raise some funds so Patreon is back.

Below is the levels on there


Basic Member
£3 per month

This is the most basic level. You will be able to see my Patreon only posts and that's about it. The posts will be about naturism. The tier is for those that just basically want to support me and help pay the bills for web storage, my website, equipment, Flickr, etc 

  • Basic access, No extras


Raised Member
£5 per month

This is the raised level tier. This gets you some extras. You get access to all the naturist videos I have done - not just the ones on my website. You also have the ability to chat with me privately online via Discord, messenger, etc. 

  • Direct message and all videos

  • Basic access, No extras


Small Title

This is the enhanced level tier. This gets you it all. You get the same as the lower tiers as well as you are able to request me to do photos and videos only for you as well as if you are in the UK you can meet me in person.

NB: you will receive the" all video access link" and the above-mentioned extras after your first payment has cleared due to previous people taking content and then canceling before payment was made.

  • Direct message and all videos

  • Basic access, No extras

  • Personal photos + videos and meet